Liberia: Ebola Patients Gone Missing After Raid On Clinic

Government officials in Liberia’s capital Monrovia re cautioned of the disperse of Ebola virus after a local clinic was raid by unknown gun men. The patients flee the clinic and their whereabouts remain unknown.

Police in Monrovia had restored order by Sunday afternoon following a raid on a local Ebola clinic. However, they warned that local people now faced a higher risk of direct exposure to the deadly virus, as the criminals had not only stolen infected objects, but had also persuaded patients to flee.

A police official speaking to the Associated Press news agency also described the event which took place on Saturday evening, as a “looting spree.”

The scenarios surrounding the break in in the district of West Point remained uncertain on Sunday. Eye-Witness reported that a group of armed young men had attacked the quarantine center, claiming that Ebola was a fiction.

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