Liberia Teenage Pregnancy Rate

Teenage Pregnancy Rate and Statistics in Liberia 2014 Report

Liberia teenage pregnancy rate is at 38 percents as the world celebrates World Population Day October 16 2014.

The United Nations Population Fund has release it report on teenage pregnancy rate andĀ statistics in Liberia for 2014. Liberia teenage pregnancy rate is at 38 percent, UNMET needs for family planning is at 36 percent and conceptive prevalence is 11 percent.

The report said that Liberian adolescents engage in unprotected sex which results into pregnancy and most of theses pregnancies end in unsafe abortion while the Liberia demographic Health Survey revealed that 21 percent of women that are dying from these cases are age between fifteen and nineteen.

The report was released in Monrovia last Monday as Liberia joins the world to celebrating World Population Day.

But the facts here is if the Liberian Government don’t take action now to tackle these issues and provide better way to prevent this, The figures will continue to grow every year. And i think the best way of doing this is to provide family planning for these young women. Family planning alone can reduce pregnancies, unsafe abortion, maternal death and disabilities while saving women’s lives and those of their children.

Family planning can also allow women to enjoy planned pregnancies which increase the mother’s chances of surviving at childbirth.

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As the first African Nation to elect a female president, we must be able to show the world that we repect women and that we care for their safety and their kids. We can’t sit back and watch the statistics grow every year, the government has to do some thing about it. The future of Liberia is in the hands of our youth, Let’s protect them.

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