Drinking Water Well in Monrovia Liberia

Liberia’ water well at ground level are contaminated with water borne diseases during the rainy seasons

In Liberia during the rainy seasons, water wells at ground level are easily contaminated with waterborne diseases that can effect many people, By improving drinking water system in Monrovia and across the country will help reduce the risk of people getting contaminated from water borne diseases in Liberia.

Take a look at drinking water well in Monrovia, Liberia.
A Little Girl With Two Bucket Hanging on Her Shoulders Hunting For Water.

little girl with two bucket looking for water monrovia
Water Well at Ground Level in Monrovia

Montserrado County, Greater Monrovia



Drinking water well at ground level in Monrovia

water well at ground level in monrovia
A Woman in The Slipway Area of Monrovia

Women in the Slipway area of Monrovia
West Point, Located in Down Town Monrovia

liberia drinking water west point

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