U S Government Blocks Benoni Urey’s Assets, Prohibits U.S. Persons from Dealing with Him

U S Government Blocks Liberian Presidential Hopeful, Benoni Urey’s Assets and Prohibits U.S. Persons from Dealing with Him

Liberia’s newly registered political party, All Liberians Party (ALP) which has buzzed on the political landscape set to sail into the country’s 2017 elections under the would-be Standard Bearership of Benoni Urey, the country’s richest man turned politician and who wants to replace President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, quest for the presidency might be facing a serious obstacle and one that poses an iron-clay impediment to his thirst of becoming his country’s next president.

Benino Urey


A U S Congress’ newspaper published August 19, 2015 in which Mr Urey, a former trusted confidante of war crime convict Charles Taylor and partner of the “merchant of death”, Viktor Boot- the infamous arms dealer who traded weapons around the world fueling conflicts wrote an article in the “The Hill” -” Liberian-American relations: A new engagement model of trade and investment” reaffirms in it’s Editors’s note that according to the United States Treasury website, the Liberian businessman and country’s richest man turned politician assets have been blocked and prohibits U S persons from having any dealings with the Liberian presidential hopeful.

“The Hill” Editor’s note reads: ” it has been brought to our attention that Mr Urey is listed as Specially Designated National by the U S government, which means, his assets are blocked and U.S. persons are generally prohibited from dealing with him” .

The Hill’s Editor’s note sends a crushing blow to the energized campaign of the Liberian businessman whose party was recently accredited as a full fledged political party by the country’s election commission.

The momentum Mr Urey’s campaign is steaming with could come to a hurricane steep and the prohibition of U.S. persons generally not to deal with the former Charles Taylor confidante could also put fear in his countrymen in the United States who are organizing for him in states around the United States because they could be breaking the law of the United States and won’t want to be prosecuted and would go underground.

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