2017 Liberian Presidential Candidates List

2017 Liberian Presidential Candidates List

Brief info about the candidates running in the Liberian 2017 presidential elections.

Brief informations about the candidates running in the liberian 2017 presidential elections.

List of candidates

1.George Weah

George Weah profile
George Weah is a international soccer icon turned humanitarian and politician. He is the current Standard Bearer (CDC). The Congress for Democratic Change political party.


2.Amara M. Konneh

Amara M. Konneh profile
Amara M. Konneh is the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Planning and
Economic Affairs. CONTINUE READING.


3.Augustine K. Ngafuan

Augustine K. Ngafuan profile
Augustine K. Ngafuan is the Minister of Foreign Affairs, he also served as Minister of Finance. CONTINUE READING.


4.Jewel Howard Taylor

Jewel Howard Taylor profile
Jewel Howard Taylor is the former wife of President Charles Taylor and the current
Senior Senator from Bong County. CONTINUE READING.


5.Joseph Boakai

Joseph Boakai profile
Joseph Boakai is currently Vice President of Liberia and has been since January 2006. CONTINUE READING.


6.Kwame Clement

Kwame Clement profile

Kwame Clement is a former Liberian news anchor and is host and Managing Editor of The African World, a public affairs television program in the US. CONTINUE READING.


7.Leymah Gbowee

leymah gbowee profile
Leymah Gbowee is a peace activist and former Head of the National Reconciliation


8. Dr. Mills Jones

Dr. Mills Jones

Dr. Joseph Mills Jones, Former Executive Governor of the Central Bank of Liberia. CONTINUE READING


Alexander B. Cummings

Alexander B. Cummings

Alexander B. Cummings. Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer The Coca-Cola Company. CONTINUE READING


Benoni Urey

Benoni Urey

Benoni W. Urey was born on June 22, 1957. Urey is an Americo-Liberian businessman and politician, who was formerly the Liberian Commissioner of Maritime Affairs. CONTINUE READING

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