“#CorruptionMustGo” – Liberian Musicians Mobilize To Fight Corruption

Takun J and Others Have Started musical campaign “#CorruptionMustGo” To Fight Corruption in Liberia.

TAKUN J. #CorruptionMustGo

As Liberia enters its second decade of peace, its music industry continues to gain popularity. Artists like Takun J have a national following and have leveraged this platform to speak out against injustices at all levels of society. The Accountability Lab, an OSIWA partner, has been working with hip co (the genre of Liberian urban music) musicians in Liberia to promote integrity and combat corruption. With an overwhelmingly young population, almost half of Liberians are under the age of 18, Liberia’s hip co-stars are uniquely positioned to raise awareness of key social and political issues.

Takun J, responsible for two of the biggest hip co hits of the year, recently served as a judge for the Lab’s Integrity Idol campaign, an ongoing initiative seeking to highlight high-performing civil servants, while Amaze, an upcoming hip co-star, has been the public face of a #CorruptionMustGo musical campaign undertaken with the support of OSIWA that seeks to harness hip co to combat corruption by teaching that ‘corruption starts at the home.’

On a recent Friday evening, the University of Liberia’s (UL) auditorium was full with a raucous group of students ready to hear Amaze, a business student at UL, set their weekend off. The Student Unification Party, UL’s oldest student government body had just celebrated its 45th year of existence earlier in the day and a vibrant atmosphere of activism charged the campus of one of West Africa’s oldest institution of higher learning, situated just across from Liberia’s legislature and Ministry of Justice

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