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Major Joseph N. Boakai
Major Joseph N. Boakai

Well, for those of you who are not aware, our current Vice President Joseph N. Boakai was a Major in the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) under President Samuel Kanyon Doe. Doe even promoted Boakai to various positions in his government; among others as Managing Director for Liberia Produce Marketing Corporation (LPMC) and Minister of Agriculture.

So how did Boakai show his thanks to President Doe? Well, Boakai joined Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in the brutal assault on Doe’s government; according to insiders. It is reported that Boakai used his closeness to Samuel Doe and was giving out information to Ellen and rebels.
Later upon Taylor becoming President of Liberia, Ellen was not happy and it is reported that she helped to form and support other warring factions, particularly ULIMO and later LURD.

Interestingly, ULIMO and LURD both were founded and based in Guinea, and waged their war from inside Guinea into Lofa County. Therefore, the people of LOFA was compelled to form their own support group called the LOFA Defense Force (LDF) under the great leadership of Francis Massaquoi. It is reported that Major Joseph Boakai was also a founding member of Lofa Defense Force. The Lofa Defense Force was getting military support and funding from Charles Taylor, but little did they know that Major Joseph Boakai was working for the enemy.

Major Joseph Boakai received money directly from Charles Taylor according to reliable sources with evidence of this, which would be expose as time evolve. This is an opportunity for Major Joseph Boakai to tell the people the truth how Francis Massaquoi lost his life and why he lost his life.
However, we know that the leader of Lofa Defense Force lost his life while attending to military operations in his beloved Lofa county. After the demised of Massaquoi, Lofa Defense Force went down, and enemy forces gained controlled of Lofa. Meanwhile, Major Joseph Boakai went into the camp of Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, in opposition to Charles Taylor, according to sources.

So the questions remain:

1. Did Major Joseph Boakai betray President Samuel Doe?
2. Did Major Joseph Boakai betray his own Lofa people just for Ellen Johnson business?
3. Did Major Joseph Boakai betray Francis Massaquio, a true leader of the Lofa people?

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